The Crossroad

As I prepare to graduate with an MIS degree from a top rated state university, I can’t  help but think of the possibilities after graduation.

Like most graduates (at least in my group of friends), I dream of grad school. I personally want to go to law school and became a top notch lawyer. I know this might not be a way to become a billionaire but there is something about helping others that satisfies me. My natural tendency to argue and prove a point simply draw me more towards this career.

Never the less, I do realize that I am graduating with a degree that can potentially land me a job in a field that is growing and highly lucrative. BUT, yes there is a but, is that the way I want to go?  I have no idea.

Yes, i have no idea about many things in the future. I have no idea what i;m going to be doing in a few months. I have no idea, I have no idea.

I find it hard to consider “having no idea” as a problem. Rather it is a period for me to think about myself, my aspirations, my goals, my vision and my mission. If only it was that easy. if only I could zoom into a world of no worries and standards. A world where no one would ask me about my plans. If only I could take time off. Yes maybe time off is the answer. Does the sprinter take time off in the middle of a race to reexamine his speed? No. But why do I liken this situation to a sprinter and a race? Life is not a race.

Life may not be a race but society places us all on pedestal. Watching and waiting for us to take a wrong turn. Then the next minute you’ll be a scape goat, a laughing stock and an example of what to do. Experience is the best teacher much!!!

Lately I have had 3 doors shut in my face. Actually it may be more. But who’s counting. I still remain hopeful whatever the future holds.  I am ready to ride, whichever door opens, like a bull.

Never the less, I ready to take a turn.

Being at this crossroad is the hardest thing I have ever had to face.


Makeup free March

Makeup Day 2/27/2012

Hi, My name is Crystal and I am a Makeupholic!

I love to occasionally play makeup and go all out with blush and eyeshadow. I love to walk into Sephora on my home from work just to try some new look; perhaps a bright lip or winged eye. I love watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. I LOVE WEARING MAKEUP.

Don’t be mistaken though. My love for makeup is not because I dislike my natural skin or it’s natural glow. Makeup just enhanced it. Makeup allowed me bounce a shade up or down without bleaching or  getting sun… I could look anyway I wanted just by using a brush. I displayed by artistic side through my makeup. My face was my canvas and I got to be Picasso every morning.

Also, my natural skin has been stricken with acne and hyper-pigmentation. I have not yet found the solution for this so I keep painting away every morning.

Never the less I have found that my love for Mac, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, E.L.F., Bobbi Brown just to name a few, has become unbearable. I cannot go to class without prepping, priming and applying foundation.

I am tired! My skin is tired! That is why the month of march is makeup free month. Just like any addict I would love to have one more day of my addiction. So i thank God this year is a leap year. March 29 2012 will be my last day of makeup until April.

I will also be detoxing by drinking high amounts of water and exercising, to cleanse my body of toxins.

Makeup free March officially begins tomorrow!!!!!

Tribute to My Grandpa

How cool is it to know someone great and famous. Someone whose deed steered a whole country in one direction.  Someone who will forever be in history books. Someone who students are graded on.

I am one in a million. I knew someone great and famous. I had his blood flowing through veins. I had the opportunity to sit beside him and watch the evening news. i even had the opportunity to hide from him so he wouldn’t make me draw.

Yes my Grandpa, Amon Kotei was great and famous.

I remember in fifth grade when my class had to learn about the Ghanaian Coat of Arms. Of cause, I had all the information, and it was from the horses own mouth. When we had to draw it, I was still the best, because I had drawn it over 20 times.

I remember my grandpa painting on the second floor porch while doubling as the security man. He would watch everyone who came into the compound and question their reason for coming to the house. If you had nothing important to do he would ask you to come upstairs to paint, sing or play the piano. Every grandchild at point in their life, held a paint brush, played the piano or sign on of his songs. There is also the trademark that everyone who knew him well probably got; the oil paint stains in that favorite pant or on that beautiful shirt. I had it on my denim pant.

Grandpa was a strong believer in education. He always encouraged us to study hard in school and be college graduates at least once. He had a wall in the living room where he put pictures of all his children and grandchildren. He also framed and hung that graduation picture of you in your gown holding your certificate. That wall is encouragement for me to graduate next year. Even though grandpa has passed on, I would hang my picture on that wall.

I remember the history sessions we had. Grandpa would sit me down and talk for hours unending about family history. I don’t regret making excuses to leave when I was tired but I miss the fact that I would never have the opportunity to sit with him again.

I don’t regret not taking up art and improving my talent to the fullest but I miss not having the opportunity to sit beside him and paint my interpretation of the sun over the hills.

The next time I go back to Ghana, he wont be standing on the porch. I wont have to tip toe to avoid listening to his long stories. 

I lost Grandpa, Ghana lost a patriotic citizen, and the world lost a hero.

Rest In Peace. Yaa w) ojogbaa. Due Due Due……

The Retail Truth

This summer I got a job at one of the big retail stores in NYC…Weell not exactly. It’s in the outskirts of the city but the two to three hour journey to work was not an issue for me. The real issue is the looong hours of standing. I can’t say I expected to stand all day whether customers were in the store on not. I guess my bottom line driven mind just thought of the money I will make working in place.

When I work 9 hour shifts, I stand for  8 hours straight. I have the opportunity to sit for an hour during my break, but there are chairs in the Burger King line nor the Auntie Anne’s line. When I work lesser hours, I have no break… So the standing Marathon continues…Unless of cause I decide to play the “disappearing act”.

The “disappearing act” simply involves quietly disappearing fro your assigned area and reassigning yourself to the restroom, the locker room,one of the many fitting rooms(cos there r no camera’s inside)  the break room or for the guys, who are trying to talk to a girl, by the girls side.

With that sad and maybe done, the job is haard, oleku. The aches and pains of standing. Foot pain. Back pain. Total body pain. It all subdues the second you receive the check.  You see the produce of your sweat. For me, I smile and find my way to the bank.

The retail truth : If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain.

Fascinator Pieces I Made

I became fascinated by fascinators so i went to the craft store and decided to make a couple in my free time. These are a few pics and there are more on my website.


Feather Fascinator

Etsulu Fascinator

Etsulu Fascinator



Purple Fascinator

Becoming Greek! (Part 1)

I pledged for a professional business fraternity. This is a short narration of how it all began…..

I went to my usual career planning class on a cold Monday morning only to walk out with the intention to get involved.

What to get involved in? School, undergraduate college life, everything.

Why get involved? The lady who presented in class that day proved to me the importance extra curricular activities could make on my resume .

When? In the nearest and shortest possible time.

That very moment I set a goal for my self to join an association, an academic  one for that mater, which will not propel my grades to the south.

As a walked with my friend from high to the student union, I saw a table which had a sign and information for a professional business greek. I thought, how wonderful the Lord works, this might be it. I approached the table got some information and decided to go for their coffee and conversation event that night.

That night I attended the event and was indeed over whelmed. Everyone there was very friendly and lively. Although I was “different” ( there was only one black guy there, whom i didn’t even talk to for long), I felt welcome. I had met double the number of Asians I ever knew in my life. At the end of the night, I was even more surprised at the will people had to give me a ride back to my room. I thought to myself, ” Don’t these people mind the extra gas usage?”

So anyway, I met the requirements for their rush and made an appointment for an interview. The most vivid memory I have of the interview is when I was asked, “What would you tell your pledge brother to make him stay, if he/she wants to drop out of the process.” My response, “The end justifies the means.” I remember thinking to myself, ” Damn girl you must be real smart, that was a damn good response.”

A couple of days after that, I received a bid in my room. I so happy that I jumped all over my room. I next memory I have, was when I accepted my bid. I remember being dumbfounded by the things I had to do as pledge. I honestly felt like I was back on the hill of Holy Child School.

About a week after, I become to understand my response, ” The end justifies the means.”

The journey had just begun……

(Continued in part 2)

What’s in for me?

When did you ever ask that good friend of yours “What’s in for me?”, before you did her that favor? Was there anything in for you? Has you ever benefit from the favors you did?

If you have a group mentality, like the one i grew up in, you probably answered no to most if not all of the above questions.

Growing up in hospitable Ghana teaches values of unity. Sayings like, “Together we stand divided we fall”, made me think of the greater good. I all ways thought that if my neighbor was well, the group would be well. I would help anyone who asked. Sometimes they didn’t have to ask. I would see their need and offer to help. That works in Ghana, the motherland of caring people.

On contrary, Americans say, “Every man for himself God for us all.” America has taught me to be stingy. There are so many people who would lean on you to make themselves better. On the other hand, they will never lend you that helping hand when you need it. Americans do not care about anyone expect themselves. They will screw you ten times over to get whatever they want. HHHmmm… I must say, I have learned this the hard way. And I’m now on the highway to independence.

I will always ask “What is in for me?” To ensure my work on earth is not in vein. This will ensure that I enjoy my work on earth while waiting to enjoy the greater reward in Heaven. After all, there is no free lunch….